Costume Props & Models…

Odd Studio thrive on creativity, seeking out any opportunity with their Model and Costume Props to bring the odd to life

Whether it’s a blank canvas or a scribble on a napkin, it’s the idea that matters. The more unusual it is, the greater the challenge.

Beyond film and television, Odd Studio also service advertising, theatre and the art world further illustrating a versatile and creative studio backed by an extensive folio and passionate team.

The Invisible Man2023-12-11T13:38:33+11:00
Alien: Covenant – Ridley Scott. David’s Lab. The flayed Engineer.2023-11-01T20:48:38+11:00
Star Wars Ep 3 Revenge Of The Sith: US Feature2023-11-02T12:53:09+11:00
Star Wars Ep 3 Revenge Of The Sith: US Feature
Berlei BoobBalls.2023-11-01T20:45:49+11:00
Louie the Fly: Madame Tussauds model.2023-11-01T22:43:23+11:00
Louie the Fly: Madame Tussauds model. Odd Studio was approached to produce this small model of Australian icon, Louie the Fly.
Alien: Covenant. Shaw’s corpse. Models.2023-11-01T21:37:26+11:00
KIA Stop Motion Commercial.2023-11-01T22:04:30+11:00
Star Wars Ep 2 Attack Of The Clones: US Feature2023-11-02T12:54:27+11:00
Star Wars Ep 2 Attack Of The Clones: US Feature
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart2023-12-11T14:33:44+11:00
Stop Motion Puppets2023-11-02T12:49:29+11:00
Stop Motion Puppets
PCI Pest Control: Indian Adfilm.2023-11-02T15:26:44+11:00
Religious Statues2023-11-02T13:45:14+11:00
Religious Statues
Farscape: US TV Series2023-11-01T21:20:10+11:00
Farscape: US TV Series
LG Kitchen Appliances Snapper: Commercial2023-11-01T22:08:08+11:00
LG Kitchen Appliances Snapper
Trading Post Frog & Goat2023-11-01T20:44:08+11:00
Trading Post Frog & Goat
Aldi commercial.2023-11-01T20:32:26+11:00
Bingle Crab: Commercial.2023-11-01T20:48:26+11:00
Bingle Crab: Commercial. Odd Studio produced this hybrid crab puppet. a mix of Ghost/Blueswimmer crab. Rod and marionette puppet.
Toyota Gargoyle: US Commercial2023-11-01T20:45:15+11:00
Toyota Gargoyle
Alien: Covenant – Ridley Scott. Karine corpse. Models.2023-11-01T21:10:30+11:00
Alien: Covenant – Ridley Scott. Hallet and the Mouthburster.2023-11-01T21:04:25+11:00
Tooheys Extra Dry Pods: Commercial2023-11-01T20:51:34+11:00
Tooheys Extra Dry Pods: Commercial
Alien: Covenant – Ridley Scott. David’s Lab and his experiments. The pup.2023-11-01T20:40:33+11:00
Alien:Covenant. Rosenthal dismembered head and body. Models2023-11-01T21:48:38+11:00
Wild Boys: TV Series2023-11-01T20:25:38+11:00