Creature Effects Character Design…

With a specialisation in creature effects and character design, Odd Studio has a unique ability to bring Odd To Life. Every creation needs to be the perfect fit for each project, client, and budget. Odd Studio and the team work tirelessly to ensure nothing is short of exceptional and fit for purpose.

Beyond film and television, Odd Studio also service advertising, theatre and the art world further illustrating a versatile and creative studio backed by an extensive folio and passionate team.

Alien: Covenant. Creature Effects. Xenomorph2023-11-01T16:26:35+11:00
Wolf Like Me. Season 1 & 2.2023-11-01T20:24:01+11:00
THUMB Bodies 5
Thor: Love & Thunder ❤️+⚡️. Habooska the Horrible.2023-11-01T21:32:36+11:00
Thor: Love & Thunder ❤️+⚡️. Toothgnasher & Toothgrinder2023-11-01T21:22:38+11:00
Apple Voice- Friend2023-12-18T09:35:10+11:00
Evil Dead Rise2023-12-19T16:10:59+11:00
Apple Voice Frog2023-12-18T09:23:29+11:00
Evil Dead Rise – Designs2023-12-19T16:09:58+11:00
Tip Top Thins. Fuzzles. Animatronic suit.2023-11-01T21:10:03+11:00
Apple Voice Owl2023-12-18T09:37:20+11:00
Alien: Covenant. Creature Effects. Chestburster.2023-11-01T21:24:59+11:00
Mr Midnight- Jikininki Design2023-11-01T22:48:02+11:00
Alien: Covenant – Ridley Scott. David’s Lab. The Pup. Creature Effects.2023-11-01T20:53:48+11:00
Chewbacca- The Empire Strips Back.2023-11-01T20:17:31+11:00
Thor- Love & Thunder. Designs – Booskans2023-12-11T15:15:03+11:00
Raggs: Aus TV Series2023-11-02T13:50:09+11:00
New MacDonalds Farm: Aus Stage Show2023-11-02T15:05:41+11:00
Sharky: Aus TV Series2023-11-02T13:36:55+11:00
LG Kitchen Appliances Snapper: Commercial2023-11-01T22:08:08+11:00
LG Kitchen Appliances Snapper
Eddy’s Place in Space: Tv pilot design 4.2023-11-01T21:02:53+11:00
Eddy's Place in Space
Plastic Wax Alien: CGI Company Commission2023-11-02T15:42:34+11:00
Plastic Wax Alien
T-Rex Model Kit2023-11-02T12:22:01+11:00
Meet or Delete: Sexy chick design.2023-11-01T22:41:07+11:00
Eddy’s Place in Space: TV Pilot2023-11-01T21:00:22+11:00
Vodafone Devil2023-11-01T20:32:38+11:00
Vodafone Devil
Bingle crab puppet: Commercial.2023-11-01T20:47:16+11:00
Bingle Crab: Commercial. Odd Studio produced this hybrid crab puppet. a mix of Ghost/Blueswimmer crab. Rod and marionette puppet.
Trading Post Frog & Goat2023-11-01T20:44:08+11:00
Trading Post Frog & Goat
Farscape Series 1-4: US TV Series2023-11-01T21:17:59+11:00
Sydney Wildlife Crocodile Hatchlings2023-11-02T12:23:04+11:00
Worm: Final concept.2023-11-01T19:21:00+11:00
Gods Of Egypt. Demon hands design.2023-11-02T15:35:50+11:00
The Gift: Short film.2023-11-01T22:32:18+11:00
The Gift: Short film. The Beast. Design/sculpt by Adam Johansen, paint and colour scheme Damian Martin.
World Of Warcraft Orc2023-12-07T13:55:37+11:00
MAX-Hotels Combined. Concepts.2023-11-01T22:35:29+11:00
AAMI Moose head design.2023-11-01T20:13:15+11:00
The Ogre. Samsung SUHDTV commercial.2023-12-07T14:45:06+11:00
Where The Wild Things Are: US Feature.2023-11-01T20:27:45+11:00
Where The Wild Things Are
Alien: Covenant – Ridley Scott. David’s Lab and his experiments. The Xeno/Neo hybrid.2023-11-01T20:44:30+11:00
Gods Of Egypt. Alex Proyas. The Judges.2023-11-02T15:09:53+11:00
Alien: Covenant. Creature Effects. Facehugger.2023-11-01T16:23:38+11:00
MAX: Hotels Combined.2023-11-01T22:37:27+11:00
Pure Blonde. Satan.2023-11-02T15:11:45+11:00
Hyundai dodgy car salesman robot.2023-11-01T21:57:27+11:00
AAMI ‘Boom Ya’ Moose caricature.2023-11-01T20:07:36+11:00
Pure Blonde. Alien concept 22023-11-02T15:32:39+11:00
Alien: Covenant. Creature Effects. Neomorph.2023-11-01T16:22:08+11:00
Hilltop Hoods Video2023-11-01T21:42:07+11:00
Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Dead Men Tell No Tales. Ghost designs.2023-11-02T15:38:40+11:00
Pacific Rim. Uprising.2023-11-02T15:24:43+11:00
Pure Blonde. Alien Concept.2023-11-02T15:30:03+11:00
Acorns Squirrel2023-11-01T20:22:32+11:00
Thor: Love & Thunder ❤️+⚡️. The Booskans2023-12-11T15:05:43+11:00