Prosthetics & Special Make Up Effects…

Internationally acclaimed experts in Prosthetics and Special Makeup Effects, with credits in blockbusters and television series such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Alien: Covenant, Thor: Love and Thunder, Wolf Like Me, Invisible Man and Star Wars, Odd Studio continue to leave an indelible mark in the industry.

Attention to detail and lifelike creations have earned them an Academy Award, BAFTA, Make Up Guild, Critics Choice, APDG, Sydney Independent Film Festival awards as well as Saturn and AACTA nominations for best make up.

Beyond film and television, Odd Studio also service advertising, theatre and the art world further illustrating a versatile and creative studio backed by an extensive folio and passionate team.

Thor: Love & Thunder ❤️+⚡️. Gorr the God Butcher2023-12-07T13:48:37+11:00
Fury Rd, Mad Max 4: Feature Film.2023-11-01T21:36:59+11:00
A Place To Call Home2023-11-01T19:56:14+11:00
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.2023-12-07T14:00:07+11:00
Project Punch: Government Anti Violence Campaign.2023-11-10T16:04:41+11:00
Project Punch: Government Anti Violence Campaign.
Pure Blonde. Satan.2023-11-02T15:09:37+11:00
Gods Of Egypt- Alex Proyas. The Judges.2023-12-07T13:58:43+11:00
King Yaken & the Indigarrians2023-12-11T14:25:29+11:00
Star Wars Attack of the Clones: US Feature.2023-12-08T10:20:38+11:00
Commonwealth Bank Ageing – Julia2023-11-01T20:47:41+11:00
Commonwealth Bank Ageing - Julia
Gone Missing: Short Film2023-11-02T15:15:40+11:00
Gone Missing: Short Film
Lo! Music video.2023-12-07T14:47:38+11:00
Mouth Cancer Singapore2023-11-01T22:45:27+11:00
Mouth Cancer Singapore
Mouth Cancer Australia2023-11-01T22:44:53+11:00
Mouth Cancer Australia
Farscape: US TV Series 1-42023-11-01T21:20:19+11:00
An Incident In Fallajah: Short Film2023-11-01T21:50:43+11:00
All Saints: Aus TV Series2023-11-01T21:49:24+11:00
Section 209: Short Film.2023-11-02T13:42:03+11:00
The Turning, Rose Bryne: Feature Film.2023-11-01T22:08:44+11:00
The Turning, Rose Bryne: Feature Film.
Eddy’s Place In Space: TV Pilot.2023-12-07T13:54:23+11:00
Eddy's Place In Space, TV pilot. Odd Studio designed and created all the creature effects for the Tv pilot. This character's name was Commander Spitz.
Tori Troll: Norwegian singer songwriter.2023-12-07T14:47:52+11:00
Tori Troll: Norwegian singer songwriter.
Boost Mobile Zombies2023-12-07T13:54:43+11:00
Boost Mobile Zombies
BUPA – Steve2023-11-01T21:31:07+11:00
BUPA - Steve
BUPA – Old Girl2023-11-01T21:30:04+11:00
BUPA - Old Girl
Ben Lee Space Chimp2023-12-07T13:55:00+11:00
Ben Lee Space Chimp
BT Super Commercial – Paul Gleeson2023-11-01T21:19:41+11:00
Alexander Graham Bell Telstra2023-11-01T20:36:22+11:00
Homo Florensis: The Human Hobbit: BBC documentry.2023-11-01T21:49:40+11:00
Head Melt: Cinefamily Trailer US.2023-11-01T21:42:04+11:00
Head Melt: Cinefamily Trailer US.
Eddy’s Place In Space: TV Pilot2023-12-07T13:55:16+11:00
Eddy's Place In Space, TV pilot. Odd Studio designed and created all the creature effects for the Tv pilot. This character's name was Womblebob.
Tony Abbott-satire.2023-11-01T20:55:04+11:00
World Of Warcraft Orc2023-12-07T13:55:37+11:00
AXA Look-A-Like2023-11-01T21:57:52+11:00
The Great Gatsby2023-11-01T22:31:00+11:00
The Great Gatsby
SEEK aging commercial.2023-11-02T13:40:24+11:00
Eddy’s Place In Space: TV Pilot.2023-12-07T13:55:50+11:00
Eddy's Place In Space, TV pilot. Odd Studio designed and created all the creature effects for the Tv pilot. This character's name was Womblebob.
Indian Rhesus Monkeys2023-12-07T13:56:04+11:00
Indian Rhesus Monkeys
Flint Journel.2023-11-01T21:32:16+11:00
The Matrix Reloaded: US Feature.2023-11-01T22:29:54+11:00
The directors were pivotal crew members working on the film prior to forming Odd Studio.
LA International Make-up Artists Trade Show demo.2023-11-01T22:07:41+11:00
Nescafe Commercial2023-11-02T15:05:28+11:00
The Ogre. Samsung SUHDTV commercial.2023-12-07T14:45:06+11:00
The Viking. Samsung SUHDTV commercial.2023-11-01T22:07:31+11:00
BT Super Commercial – Zoe Carides2023-11-01T21:23:53+11:00
Pure Blonde. Cosmic Overlord.2023-11-02T15:24:59+11:00
ING Direct – Charles2023-12-07T13:56:51+11:00
Brainless Killers 2015. Ren Thackham short film.2023-12-07T13:57:04+11:00
Alien: Covenant – Ridley Scott. Karine corpse. MUFX.2023-11-01T21:11:41+11:00
Alien:Covenant. Rosenthal dismembered head and body.2023-11-01T21:45:54+11:00
Farscape series 1-4: US TV Series.2023-12-07T13:57:31+11:00
Australia: AUS Feature film.2023-11-01T21:57:17+11:00
Frank Packer – Power Games2023-11-01T21:36:51+11:00
Frank Packer - Power Games
Alien: Covenant. Shaw’s corpse. MUFX2023-11-01T21:40:09+11:00
The Zombie. For the Samsung SUHDTV commercial.2023-12-07T13:57:52+11:00
Alien: Covenant – Ridley Scott. Hallet and the Mouthburster.2023-11-01T21:02:20+11:00
The Amazing Monkey Lady, Sideshow. IMATS Sydney Demo 2014.2023-12-07T13:58:09+11:00
Pure Bond. Bond Villain.2023-11-02T14:56:27+11:00
Cyrano De Bergerac. Sydney Theatre Company.2023-11-01T20:52:44+11:00
Cyrano De Bergerac. Sydney Theatre Company. Odd Studio was approached to produce THE nose for Richard Roxburgh who plays Cyrano at the Sydney Theatre Company 2014.
Stop The Horror.2023-11-02T12:48:11+11:00
Lamb. Food of the Gods.2023-11-01T22:12:29+11:00
Pure Blonde. Clown.2023-11-02T15:28:36+11:00
Pure Blonde. Vampire Girl.2023-11-02T15:01:43+11:00
Pure Blonde. Orc.2023-11-02T15:20:40+11:00
Little Monsters.2023-11-01T22:42:28+11:00
Gods of Egypt 2016- Alex Proyas2023-12-07T13:59:33+11:00
Alien: Covenant – Ridley Scott. The Backburster. Prosthetics.2023-12-07T13:59:54+11:00